Western Australia,Perth,City Beach

Camera location: 31° 56′ 18.30″ South, 115° 45′ 18.60″ East, facing West-South-West (Bearing 244°)

City Beach is a beachside suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located within the Town of Cambridge. Its postcode is 6015. The term “City Beach” is also used to describe a specific beach located within the suburb of the same name.

City Beach consists of three sections, a northern section (bordering Scarborough, a central section bordering Wembley Downs and Floreat and a southern section (bordering Bold Park). The southern section is the generally more expensive of the residential areas but arguably the Windarra Drive precinct is the most prestigious and expensive, although all sections place City Beach among Western Australia’s elite postcodes. The northern part was built immediately prior to the 1962 Commonwealth Games (then called the Empire Games) as an athletes’ village due to its proximity to Perry Lakes Stadium in neighbouring Floreat.

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