The Castle Hotel

The camera is located on the NE turret of the Dornoch Castle Hotel tower, facing East. You are looking east along Castle Street and The Square in Dornoch, Great Britain. The Castle Hotel at Taunton is a hotel and an ex-Michelin-starred restaurant located in the centre of Taunton, Somerset, England. The business is located in a Grade I listed 18th century reconstruction of the former 12th century Norman fortress, Taunton Castle. Building Main article: Taunton Castle In 1685 the Duke of Monmouth used Taunton Castle as a base before his troop’s defeat by King James II at Sedgemoor. Judge Jeffreys then held his Bloody Assizes in the Great Hall of the Castle. The main building today, which was at one time known as Clarke’s Hotel, was built in the late 18th century. The building was then added in the 20th century, with a top floor addition. The building incorporates Castle Bow a Grade I listed building which originally formed the east gate to the Castle precincts. It still has 13th century chamfered arches, and corner buttresses with setoffs.

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